• MRS 2016

    MRS: Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) - Rare Earth Elements

    Rare earth elements are a class of materials that when alloyed or mixed with other elements can offer a range of fascinating property changes from fluorescence to increased magnetism. Many of the modern sustainable systems like windmills, electric vehicles and LED lighting rely on rare earth elements. However political challenges with where these materials are mined continue to be a concern for these critical materials.
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  • CNN 2019

    CNNMoney Switzerland

    Identified as important metals in the production of high-tech electronics and most often used in industrial processes such as electric cars or renewable energy solutions. Peter Rosenstreich, Head Market Strategy, says: “Demand for minerals such as cobalt, neodymium or tungsten is expected to take off and rising prices should follow.”
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  • CNBC 2019

    The battle over rare earth metals

    Some of the smallest things in the world may have some of the biggest importance in trade with China: Rare earth minerals. They're tiny elements that help power everything from your phone to the future of electric cars. The U.S. used to be a leader in their mining, but now China controls nearly their entire global production. And the U.S. is getting nervous. Brian Sullivan takes a closer look at this crucial industry, and why it matters so much.
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